What It REALLY Looks Like

Growing up I knew what a farm looked like. After all, it was in my story books.chariklia-zarris-storybook-farmI grew up in the part of New Jersey which is NOT the Garden State…it is the paved state, so I had very little first hand experience. My maternal grandfather had a chicken farm when I was very small, but he retired by the time I was five or six, so my memories are skimpy and relate to fear of having my feet pecked off, as if chickens are notorious for that. No red barn, no silo, no acres in crops, though.

As I visited more and more farms in West Virginia and Oregon in the past four years my view was usually a one-time thing. There were a few places I visited more than once and that presented some information of what a farm looks like at various times of the year, but until this temp job, I had not been able to see the changes that occur.

In only two months I have seen (and been part of) this2014-08-22 10.27.00

changing to this through hours of hard work of weeding and more planting. 2014-10-05 11.51.14

I have seen this  2014-09-17 08.52.45

change to this as the growing season ends and the ground needs to be prepared for next year.2014-10-19 13.24.28

We consumers really have no idea the amount of work it takes to bring the food we crave to the market. Please take a moment and thank your farmer. You do have one, don’t you?knowyourfarrmer

Actually, we have several: 1 for our CSA (about to end next week), 1 for our beef, 1 for our chicken and eggs, 1 for our lamb, 1 for our pork, and now, this wonderful woman who hired me and really tries to give me the easy jobs-I will eagerly be purchasing food in the future from her, too.keep calm


About creationsbybg

Beth and Graham met online almost 20 years ago and married in 2007. Planning for retirement has included finding more time to play again and creativity is blooming. Now that we have moved to Oregon our time is split between exploring and creative endeavors. What fun! Following several years enmeshed in the local food movement in West Virginia and active involvement in the establishment and running of a year-round indoor local food market, visiting farms and telling consumers about them is a work of joy.
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