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Learning the Land

Water rights, even before this time of climate fluctuation, has always been the key to successful farming in a place where summer rain is sparse. Finding 8.5 acres adjacent to the South Fork of the Yamhill River not only eased … Continue reading

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A Dream Becomes Reality

Lori Rutledge woke up one morning and told her husband Steve that they would find land for their farm that would be surrounded by mountains. Steve was teaching classics at the University of Maryland and any farmland near there certainly … Continue reading

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Why So Many Food Sensitivities?

Chicken and egg syndrome? Do we have so many people bothered by food sensitivities because we now have ways to identify them OR Do we have so many people bothered by food sensitivities now because the food we are eating … Continue reading

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WOW!!! Meat delivered to my door?????? I can get that????

In the years that I have been visiting farms and trying to spread the information to consumers (people who eat food, hey! that means YOU!) that there are healthy local options for food that make so much more sense to … Continue reading

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Off-season Agritourism

As I get to know the farmers in the Yamhill Valley and other, northern portions of the Willamette Valley, I have been impressed by the breadth of activities they have in the winter months. Some are for other farmers, some … Continue reading

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Delivered to Your Door!!!

Want eggs? Meat? Dressings? Honey? Wood chips for smoking? Milk and ice cream? and so so so much more. If you haven’t discovered the EASY way to get farm fresh and local food into your kitchen, do it NOW. ¬†Go … Continue reading

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Getting a Fussy Person to Try A New Food

Recently we started a regular routine cooking for some friends and a few weeks later going to their house for dinner. The group had expanded to six the last time at their house and this past Saturday night we ended … Continue reading

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