Local Food for Your Plate

Jan Ellings and her family had a dream. All the years when work took them away from Newberg, the concept simmered gently on the back burner.  They owned land for 30 years but it wasn’t until they returned to Oregon about ten years ago that the farm at Chehelem Flats started becoming the reality it is now.

2014-10-18 11.17.10They always wanted to grow food for the local community. In the past two years the pace has increased with the opening of a farm stand at 17733 North Valley Road,  2014-10-18 11.52.32The farm has 80 acres with some leased out for grass seed production, but over time the food production has been and will continue to increase.2014-10-18 11.16.27

Most of the produce sold at the market is grown in a quarter-acre garden plot with additional land planted with lavender, black currants and figs. Everything is grown without chemicals but Chehelem Flats is not certified organic at this time. Several small hoop houses  provide space for plant starts in the late winter which helps them control the varieties. 2014-10-18 11.22.59 They raise a lot of heirloom produce with amazing flavor, not found in local grocery stores.

2014-10-18 11.23.29In addition, their kitchen was recently certified commercial so they will be processing produce and are testing the market now with some jams and preserves for sale.2014-10-18 11.18.48






The store also has other items including other foods produced in Yamhill County and other nearby areas of Oregon as well as handmade items from nearby crafters. 2014-10-18 11.20.13Stop by when out wine tasting on the weekends for lunch items as well as more to be enjoyed at home.2014-10-18 11.52.09

2014-10-18 11.45.06Store Hours
Year Round Sat – Sun:  10am – 5pm                                                                                                                                                      Fall Holiday Hours (Nov 21 – Dec 19)Fri – Sat – Sun:  10am – 5pm

Chehelem Flats Farm Market                                                                 17733 North Valley Road, Newberg, OR 97132                    www.cflats.com                                                   jan@cflats.com

About creationsbybg

Beth and Graham met online almost 20 years ago and married in 2007. Planning for retirement has included finding more time to play again and creativity is blooming. Now that we have moved to Oregon our time is split between exploring and creative endeavors. What fun! Following several years enmeshed in the local food movement in West Virginia and active involvement in the establishment and running of a year-round indoor local food market, visiting farms and telling consumers about them is a work of joy.
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